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I was in the Dominican Republic and 12 days after I returned, I thought I had a bed bug bite on my leg and my doctor agreed. But then for the following two months there were no more bites.  Then out of the blue there were a few more tiny bites in the exact same spot. So now I panicked that I had bed bugs. I had a PCO come in, and he tore apart my bedroom and found nothing, but I still was nervous so I called Linda thinking she would bring the dogs. Long story short, after I told her the entire history, she said I had nothing to worry about. She said that by now (2 months) I would have an infestation happening and that they would be biting me all over not just in the one spot. She was so comforting and confident and  trustworthy. She easily could have told me she would bring the dogs and therefore make money. But she did not. What a wonderful person.  I will recommend her to anyone that might have a bed bug problem. 

Barbara W. Sessions

Thanks Linda! Three days after returning from vacation my wife

discovered bed bug bites all over herself. We discovered on the internet that dog inspection is the absolute best way to detect these bugs in your home.

Linda was sympathetic, professional and very knowledgeable. She emailed us
a preparation procedure ahead of time and was able to visit our house the
very next morning after calling her. Upon arrival she explained the process and
was very considerate of furniture and belongings. Linda and Scooby put our
minds at ease... and we are forever grateful.

The Munsons

I cannot recommend Bed Bug Solutions canine inspection services more highly.  We had found a couple of small insect casings on our box spring shortly after a trip out of town and were convinced we had bed bugs.  We had even tentatively scheduled a thermal remediation (heat abatement) treatment.  We were advised to have a canine inspection done prior to the treatment and luckily for us, found Bed Bug Solutions.  Linda could not have been lovelier to deal with: very pleasant, extremely knowledgeable, and conducted herself with the utmost professional integrity.  She and Scooby arrived within the stated time frame, and despite their busy schedule, conducted a very thorough and efficient inspection of the entire house.  Linda did not make me feel rushed; she patiently answered all my questions, addressed my concerns, and helped me feel calmer despite the circumstances.   As it turns out, what we had found were not bed bugs, but carpet beetle larvae, which Linda correctly identified despite insisting that she is not an expert.  She recommended we have this assessment more thoroughly confirmed by a trained entomologist (which we did) and more generally, made some excellent recommendations with respect to bed bug prevention measures during travel and at home.  I would strongly recommend scheduling an inspection with Linda and Scooby to anyone suspecting they might be dealing with a bed bug problem.  It is an anxiety-provoking situation, to be sure, and Linda's kind manner, obvious expertise, and clear professionalism were extraordinarily helpful.  Most of all, the canine inspection process itself, considered the most accurate detection method by far, will help determine whether a bed bug problem exists and what type of treatment process might make sense.

Thank you Linda and Scooby!

Tammy- Skokie, IL

Thank you Bed Bug Solutions!
When the bed bug nightmare began nine months ago, I knew nothing about what caused them or how they're treated; and I certainly knew nothing about bug-sniffing dogs. All I knew was that I had bites that were worse than mosquito bites and that they were multiplying. After hours of research online I began to educate myself on the subject and found an exterminator. 
My decision to use the dogs was mostly based on my exterminator's recommendation. Although he was willing to conduct an inspection himself to see if I had the problem I feared, he would be limited to only what he could see. The dogs however,  could smell the presence of both the bugs and their eggs.  I wanted the quickest and most reliable solution and the dogs were the best way to identify the problem.  
Calling Bed Bug Solutions was comforting from the beginning.  Linda was calm, sensitive and professional.  She was patient with all of my questions and the dog was well-behaved.  Because I have two properties I wasn't sure where my problem was coming from.  Linda and Scooby went right to work and did a thourough inspection of both locations.  The dog did find that I had bed bugs in one of my properties, but not the other.  And here's where the dog's skill impressed me: the places in the house that were indicated were the very places I spent most of my time.  How could the dog know that my back porch was a place where I spent hours a day?  So, not only did the dog identify the rooms, but where in the room, making the next phase of treatment more precise and my overall pain & agony shorter.
I've recommended Linda and the dogs to a number of friends.  Some luckily didn't have bed bugs, some did.  But they all were completely satisfied with the expert and considerate service.  I'm really glad that I decided to spend the money upfront in order have the most precise and successful treatment.  
And yes, there is life after bed bugs.  Thanks again Bed Bug Solutions!
Nancy Burkholder--  Chicago


Act Now: A female bed bug lives for 18 months
and can lay 500-1000 eggs!


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