Canine Bed Bug Inspection

Bed bugs can travel up to 20
feet and occasionally further looking for a blood meal.

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If you suspect a bed bug infestation, you must be prepared to look for both large and small bugs, skins, larvae, eggs and blood spotting.  The following are some important questions to ask to help you determine where a bed bug inspection should begin.

  1. Has someone in your family recently been on a trip?
  2. Where do you normally store your luggage?
  3. If a person in your family has recently traveled, does that person rest or spend an extended amount of time on a couch or chair in your residence?
  4. Where do you store or place dirty linens?
  5. Has anyone else visited your property with coats, bags or luggage?
  6. If so, where were these items stored during the visit?
Answers to the above will aid in identifying the potential extent of the problem and will help you determine where an inspection should start. However, for complete elimination, all other areas of the property should be thoroughly inspected.

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Act Now: A female bed bug lives for 18 months
and can lay 500-1000 eggs!


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