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Our canines only alert on live bed bugs and viable eggs.
Canines that alert to dead bugs cannot confirm if an infestation has been eliminated.

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Pest Control Specialists can only perform a visual inspection prior to treating your property. Therefore, there is no guarantee they will treat every area necessary which will result in multiple treatments and a higher cost of elimination.  A bed bug problem is nothing to take lightly and it cannot be ignored.  Trying to battle bed bugs on your own is not a good idea.  The biology of bed bugs is extensive and over the counter products are often ineffective.  Treatment by untrained individuals can result in dangerous situations:

Bed Bug Solutions Inc. works with accredited and trustworthy pest control specialists who use the latest products and technology to effectively identify and treat the problem. Our approach to treatment is a unique 2 phase process in that we use our canine, Sherlock, to determine the location of bed bugs as well as their eggs and larvae.  This information can then shared with your pest control specialist who will then know where to focus the treatment.  
Reactive Services:  
In order to eliminate the problem quicker and more effectively, let us inspect your property to determine which areas and rooms are infested.  This will assist your pest control specialist by eliminating the guess work in making sure he/she is treating the infested areas and helping to reduce the need for additional treatments. Our detection services will also help to eliminate or minimize the need to pay for treatment in rooms that are not affected if you choose to use heat remediation.
If you have already had your property treated by a pest control specialist, let us inspect the property to assure you the problem has been eliminated.   Time is of the essence in elimination.  The sooner bed bugs are identified, the sooner your pest control specialist can be brought back in to stop the reproduction cycle.
Proactive Services:  
We can customize an inspection schedule for your property on a one time, as needed or on a recurring basis.  Guests will soon be on the lookout for properties that are certified to be bed bug free.  We will proactively inspect your property and provide you with documentation which will announce that you have made every effort possible to ensure your property is free of bed bugs and is of the highest standards. This type of proactive action can help to ensure loyal customers.

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Act Now: A female bed bug lives for 18 months
and can lay 500-1000 eggs!


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